Fishing experience

Fishing permit is included in the price of accommodation for all guests.

Both ponds, upper called Lipanovický and lower called Písařský will give you an undisturbed fishing experience. Small, medium-size or even collosal pieces - the ponds are holding a great amount of fish. The most commonly caught fish is carp followed by pike, grass carp, perch, catfish, tench and trout.

As there is included a sport fishing permit in the price of accommodation some rules may apply. Recreational sport fishing on Ponds of Dobčice means that we only fish „catch and let go“. This way fish will grow bigger and you can experience some capital catches. For more information on fishing schedule and rules don´t hesitate to contact us.

Fishing pricelist at Ponds of Dobčice

DruhPrice CZK/kgMin.Restricted toNote
Carp 90 CZK 40 cm up to 60 cm above 60cm Catch and release only
Grass carp 80 CZK 60 cm no limits
Tench 80 CZK 30 cm up to 40 cm above 50cm Catch and release only
Bream, Roach 40 CZK no limits
Perch 0 CZK no limits
Catfish Defended
Pike 150 CZK 50 cm up to 80 cm above 80cm Catch and release only
Eel Defended
Rainbow trout 150 CZK 30 cm up to 40 cm above 40cm Catch and release only
Zander 250 CZK 40 cm up to 70 cm above 70cm Catch and release only
Brown trout Defended